NFTs 2 Trees Project

The goal of the NFTs 2 Trees Project is quite simple, to turn NFTS in to actual trees! I aim to buy, manage and utilise 15 acres of woodland funded by the sale of NFT art. The woodland will be in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

The proposed woodland will be open to the public to access/walk/enjoy freely, as is most woodland in Scotland.

Arts & Wellness

Areas will be set aside for bushcrafting and camp cooking, as well as areas for artists and astronomers/astrophotographers to utilise. Forest bathing and woodland yoga sections will also be catered for.

A physical copy of each NFT artwork that is used to fund the woodland will be printed on to a wooden block and displayed within the wood. Turning the woodland into a living, breathing open air art gallery.

Eco Friendly Woodland

The wood will be completely off-grid, with solar power, composting toilets and spring water. Wildflowers and beehives will be installed. Buildings will be geodaisic domes handmade from canvas and wood, which will be temporary and able to be removed without trace.

Woodland Cost

In order to make this dream happen, I'll need approximately ETH 46. You can help towards this goal by purchasing a unique, nature inspired artwork NFT from the collections on Random Art on OpenSea. I've used the Polygon blockchain so there are no gas-fees.

For more info please check out my other website Camp Cook Explore. Physical camping items (mugs, bags, clothing) featuring designs from Random Art can be purchased from Camp Cook Explore, with all funds raised going towards NFTs 2 Trees.